Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mana nak beli medela freestyle murah


*pic from ajasu*

Medela fs tak murah pun
Tapi sekarang ni kalau nak compare 2 thn lepas lebih murah rasanya
Kalau tengok dkr mudah mmg boleh dpt jauh lebih murah
Tapi tu warranty uk or us rasanya
Kalau warranty malaysia
Boleh refer link dekat bawah ni

1. Littlewhiz (rm1799)

2. FabulousMom (rm1799)

3. Ajasu (rm1699)

Janganla beli dekat kedai yang jual rm2299 tu mahal sangat kott
Beza banyakkk
Tapi kalau nak lagi murah n tak kesah warranty mana
Beli je dekat mudah tu
Boleh dpt rm1350 or rm1450 plg murah kalau tengokna

Kalau sayang duit nak byr sekaligus banyak
Littlewhiz ada offer special Payment Plan (SPP) or IPP (read here) Special Payment Plan

This is a special plan introduced for customers who plan their purchase and financial in advance. Since most pregnancy period are normally 9-10 months. Customers will have at least more than 5 months to shop for baby products. With this in mind, we had launched the Special Payment Plan (SPP)!
 This plan covers those without credit card and those who do not want to pay for credit card interest charges for some Installment Payment Plan. Since there is no interest, the payment plan is shorter compare to other installment payment offered by other means.

1. Special Payment Plan (SPP) is only applicable for purchase of RM1,000 and above.
2. There are NO limitation on the numbers of item purchase but must be amounted to total of RM1,000 and above in a single receipt.
3. Upon full payment, the items can then be collected at showroom or courier (subject to courier charges). Items purchased will be reserved for customer once 1st payment was made. No partial items collection will be entertained.
4. Installment will be divided into 4 payments with NO interest. Customers can shorten the period by paying 2 installments in one payment.
5. NO Cancellation will be entertained for Special Payment Plan (SPP). Customer can opt to change the items and there will be 10% re-stocking fees.
6. If customers would like to collect the items upon purchase, customers can opt for Installment Payment Plan (IPP) via Maybank Credit Card/Alliance Bank or Public Bank (Subject to Interest ?? 4% for 6 months installment and 6% for 12 months installment) or customers will have to liaise with their respective credit card issuance bank for Installment Payment Plan (IPP).
7. Customers can make the payment via online or by visiting showroom. For online purchase, customers will need to quote the online order ID number or the Special Payment Plan ID.
8. For online purchase via Special Payment Plan (SPP), customers can only opt for Direct Bank Transfer and NOT credit card. For showroom customers, you can opt for credit card or cash but credit card payment can only be done at showroom only.
9. Customers will need to sign an agreement with on the Special Payment Plan (SPP). (Please click HERE for the agreement). Fax it back to 03-3342 0298 or email to us at admin(at)littlewhiz[dot]com.u.

Hope membantu


ewanthology said...

kena tunggu expo baby batu ada byk barang diskaun.

Fairuz Hassan said...

cer tgk fb page pumponthego..kawan uni dulu..boleh test dekat kedai die..belakang giant KJ