Monday, March 9, 2015

What You'll Need When Travelling With Baby

Copy Paste from here!

  • Enough food and milk for the trip 
  • First aid supplies 
  • Nappies/diapers and wipes (bring more than you think you'll need) 
  • Nappy/diaper rash cream (if necessary) 
  • Scented nappy sacks and plastic bags for garbage Baby's bowl and utensils 
  • Travel high chair (making it easy to feed baby wherever you go) 
  • Sun protection - (please click here for baby shade tents and sun pods, perfect for trips to the beach) Baby blanket - the reassuring scent of your baby's own blanket will give him comfort in new surroundings 
  • Travel cot/portable crib (if necessary) 
  • Spare clothes for baby and you, in case of spills and accidents 
  • Equipment for warming food 
  • Disposable bibs, or a wipe-clean soft plastic bib- advertisement 
  • Spare dummies/pacifiers (if necessary) 
  • Water/juice Breast pump (if necessary) Nightlight - for night-time feeds in dark, unfamiliar hotel rooms 
  • Baby sling - perfect for use when travelling with baby, or once you've arrived at your destination Sterilizing equipment (if necessary) 

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Zie Madini said...

noted! :) Wajib refer list ni bila nak travel next time